Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here comes some cookin! Watch out!

First off i would like to thank Andrew for setting up this awesome blog for me and also for designing the very cool title and picture! Love you!

I'm excited to do this and hopefully will find the time to post weekly. My goal is is to try a new recipe every Monday (my day off work in which i find time to cook or bake) and let all my followers, now only 3 but very amazing people, know how well or maybe even awful something is and the fun I have doing it! Who knows I may even occassionly make fun of a TV cooking show host....most likely Rachael Ray ohhhh is she nuts...

No i'm not trying to me like Julie Powell on "Julie and Julia" (or as i have called it in the past Julia and Julia) cooking like some odd 600 recipes in a year, but who knows I may suprise everyone. I always told myself I could never cook and that I could only bake things. Well look at me now, I cooked a garlic leg of lamb with a wine pan sauce! Accompanied by stuffed zucchini with feta cheese, tomatoes, and onions! Who would have ever thought.

So here it comes everyone! Get ready for some good food, drinks, and laughs ....I hope.... while I go along with my cooking adventure!


  1. Sweet Biscuits! I loved it! And by the way, I still thought it was Julia and Julia till I read your blog! Very nice babe!
    ~ Andrew

  2. You're amazing!! More posts please! :)