Thursday, October 20, 2011

Until Our Paths Meet Again

Today I'm writing not about cooking or about any recipe I have made but about someone that I have lost that meant something great to me. My Grandma Cluff passed away last friday and it has really shown me how one special lady can make such an impact on you in life. Always with a smile on her face and hugs and kisses waiting for you everytime you were with her. She showed so much love to everyone around her and made everyone feel so loved and welcome.

One fun memory I have is a time when i was probably only 4 years old and going to the park for a family picnic or dinner. Grandma had planned a bubble gum blowing competion for everyone and had any flavor of Bubblicious gum you could think of. The biggest bubble blower got a prize (I think it was packages of gum). I was too little to blow any bubbles to win the prize for the biggest bubble but of course she had prizes waiting for everyone. One small example of her kindness for everyone!

She will be missed but remembered for her amazing compassion and loving warmth that you could feel at any time. I love you grandma and will miss you so much!
Love Jason